Dance Program

Dancers on stage together

Dance at Tufts is a well-established and vibrant part of academic, cultural, and community life on campus.

The Tufts Dance Program of the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies exposes students to the rich heritage and current practices in the field of dance through experiential and theoretical study. Dance courses range from kathak dance theatre to advanced choreography and performance; from improvisation and creative process to the dance forms of Afro-Haitian, ballet, hip hop, and modern, in addition to a host of other special topics courses. Students access the program as new dancers, dancers returning to dance, or advanced dancers with many years' experience. At all levels of study, dance offers Tufts students an essential source of physical, creative, and aesthetic engagement within a fully integrated academic vision for the arts, education, and enhanced cultural understanding.

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The majority of dance courses meet twice a week for 75 minutes and are open to all students. Auditions are not required for participation except for advanced technique and composition classes. Dance courses apply variously toward fulfilling arts distribution, culture, and world civilizations requirements of the University. Students can earn elective credit, supplement drama studies, fulfill requirements in other programs, and/or achieve a Minor in Dance. Students minoring in Dance are mentored in a choreographic or written senior capstone project via the Dance Research Project two-credit course. Ballet IV, Modern IV, Dance Repertory & Performanceand Dance Movement & Creative Process are courses that can be repeated.

Performance: Performance opportunities within the Dance program include a variety of events each semester. Works created in the courses Dance Repertory & Performance, Studies in Dance Compositionand Dance Research Project are featured in end of term concerts and showcases, along-side works by faculty and advanced choreography students. Additionally, students in all courses are invited to participate in Dance Class Mash-Ups and university and program special events.

The Minor in Dance: Students minoring in dance are required to fulfill sixteen dance program course credits (includes approximately six to eight 2 and/or 3 credit courses), including study in cultural dance traditions; creative process, production, and performance; special topics courses; and a culminating choreographic and/or research capstone project.

Extracurricular Dance at Tufts: In addition to the multiple courses and performance activities of the Tufts Dance Program, extracurricular dance at Tufts is a vital part of campus life. Dance groups operate independently of the Dance Program, though we enjoy a healthy cross-over between the Dance Program and the groups. The groups rehearse in our Dance Program studios (among other locations on campus) and share informal campus programming. For further information regarding extra-curricular dance groups, please contact the Tufts Office for Campus Life at 617-627-3212 or via individual group representatives.

Facilities: Program facilities include two dance studios and neighboring program offices. Our main studio, the Jackson Dance Lab is a spacious studio that can be transformed into a fully equipped performance venue. Renovated in 2017 and seating 100, it includes a sprung floor, wall mirrors, portable barres, and theatrical lighting and sound equipment. The adjacent Jackson Studio is a second smaller studio space with sprung flooring, wall mirrors and permanent ballet barres. Nearby Dance Program offices provide students with easy access to faculty and administrative staff support.

While we don't permit prospective students to participate in classes, we'd be happy to speak with you, arrange an observation, or put you in contact with a student Dance Ambassador.

The Tufts Dance Program Innovation Fund: The Tufts Dance Program receives generous support for innovative dance projects through the Tufts Dance Program Innovation Fund. The Fund supports experimentation and risk-taking by the Tufts Dance Program, its faculty, and students. TDPIF applications are reviewed throughout the year.

We welcome you to contact us regarding visits, the dance program, or dance minor.