Graduate Alumni

Graduates from our highly-ranked doctoral program hold a number of prestigious university and professional positions. For more about their recent accomplishments, please see our Newsletters.

Paula Alekson: Artistic Engagement Manager, McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ

Virginia Anderson: Associate Professor of Theatre, Connecticut College

Jane Baldwin: Lecturer Emeritus, Boston Conservatory;

Noreen Barnes: Professor Emeritus, Virginia Commonwealth University

Natka Bianchini: Associate Professor of Theatre, Loyola University

Najib Bounahai: Affiliate Professor, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

David Chack: Lecturer in Theatre Studies, DePaul University

Dan Ciba: Associate Adjunct Professor, University of the Arts

Ibby Cizmar: Assistant Professor of Theatre, Vanderbilt University

Susan Clark: Owner, SFC Arts LLC

Thomas F. Connolly: Professor, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Mark Cosdon: Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies, Allegheny College

Emma Dassori: Professor of Theatre, Pine Manor College

Matthew DiCintio: Graduate Program Coordinator for Boston University's Department of Earth & Environment

Albert DiGiaccomo: Parochial Vicar, Christ the King, Lexington, KY

Waverly Deutsch: Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship Chicago Booth, University of Chicago

Ann-Marie Dittmann: Literary Manager, Coalesence Theatre Project

Carroll Durand: Co-Founder, Double Edge Theatre

Sean Edgecomb: Associate Professor of Theatre at CUNY

Iris Fanger: Theatre Critic

Eunice Ferreira: Associate Professor of Theatre, Skidmore College

Anne Fletcher: Professor of Theatre Emeritus, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Emma Futhey: Faculty Associate, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Gary Genard: Founder, Public Speaking International

Betsy Goldman: Theatre Arts Program Director at Boston Shakespeare Project

Barbara Wallace Grossman: Professor of Theatre, Tufts University

Kyna Hamill: Director of the Core Curriculum, Boston University

James Harbeck: Designer and Editor,, Toronto

Danielle Herget: Associate Professor of Humanities, Fisher College, Boston

Jenny Herron: Theatre Director and Arts Department Chair, Boston Collegiate Charter School

Beck Holden: Dispute Resolution Specialist, Southern New Hampshire University

Robert Lee Hotz: Distinguished Writer in Residence, New York University; Science Writer, Wall Street Journal

Liangfong (Yvonne) Hsu: Chair, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Tainan University of Technology

Yizhou Huang: Assistant Professor of Theatre, St. Louis University

Javier Hurtado: Assistant Professor of Theatre, Colorado State University

Luke Jorgensen: Associate Professor and Chair of Theatre, Boston College

Ed Kahn: Professor Emeritus of Theatre and Dance, Ohio Wesleyan University

Amber Karlins: Professor of English, Theatre, and Film and Honors Program Coordinator, Lake Sumter State College

Patrick King: Lecturer, Lake Michigan College

Jim Kitendaugh: Independent Senior Advisor and Trustee

Stacy Klein: Founder, Double Edge Theatre

A.J. Knox: Professor, MiraCosta College

David Krasner: Chair of Theatre at Five Towns College in New York

Jenna Kubly: Independent Scholar

Kevin Landis: Professor of Theatre, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Meron Langsner: Core Faculty Member at Tom Todoroff Conservatory in NYC; a Senior Associate at Cooper & Cooper Real Estate

Daphne Pi-Wei Lei: Professor of Drama, University of California-Irvine

Helen Deborah Lewis: Associate Professor of Theatre, Boston Conservatory

Wen-ling Lin: Associate Professor and Chair of Drama Creation and Application, National University of Taiwan

Melissa Lindberg: Graduate Student Affairs Administrator, University of Chicago

Hugh K. Long: Associate Professor of English & Drama, Artistic Director of the Athenian Players, Athens State University, Alabama.

Adrienne Macki: Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts, University of Connecticut

Scott Malia: Associate Professor of Theatre, College of the Holy Cross

Rae Mansfield: Honors Faculty-in-Residence at the University of Massachusetts Lowell

Jeffrey Martin: Professor of Theatre and Chair, Department of Performing Arts, Roger Williams University

Paul Masters: Assistant Professor of Theatre, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Matthew McMahan: Assistant Professor of Comedic Arts at Emerson College

Amy Meyer: Lecturer in Theatre at Boston College and Boston University

Reza Mirsajadi: Assistant Professor of Theatre, DePaul University

Michael Morris: Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, InsideTrack

Paul Mroczka: Professor of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Chair, Plymouth State University

Heather Nathans: Alice and Nathan Gantcher Professor of Judaic Studies, Professor of Theatre, Dean of Academic Affairs, Tufts University

Amanda Nelson: Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Leadership, Virginia Tech University

Jessica Pearson: Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre, Williams College

Sasha Perugini: Director of Syracuse University in Florence

Marilyn Plotkins: Professor of Theatre, Suffolk University

Nancy Taylor Porter: Professor of Theatre and Chair of Dept of Theatre, Illinois College

Dassia Posner: Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, Northwestern University

Judith Pratt: Freelance Writer and Playwright

Irem Seçil Reel Sen: Software Engineer, Capital One

Daina Robins: Professor of Theatre and Chair, Hope College Theatre Department

Jackie Romeo: Senior Affiliated Faculty, Institution of Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies, Emerson College

Luanne Rosenfeld: Musical Theatre Librettist

Cindy Rosenthal: Co-director of Women’s Studies at Hofstra University

Danielle Rosvally: Assistant Professor of Theatre at University at Buffalo

Colleen Rua: Assistant Professor of Theatre, University of Florida

Alyssa Schmidt: Assistant Professor, Theatre, Boston Conservatory

Barbara Schofield: Resident Director Open Fist Theatre Company, Los Angeles

Chris Scully: Principal, Braintree High School

Hesam Sharifian: Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Theatre, Florida State University

Max Shulman: Professor of Theatre History, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Kathleen Sills: Associate Professor, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Merrimack College

Valerie Smith: Associate Professor of Theatre Emeritus, Messiah College

Peter Spearman: Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre, College of Charleston

Wanda Strukus: Grantwriter, Windhover Performing Arts Center

Megan Stahl: Lecturer in Theatre Studies, Boston College

Katie Swimm: Assistant Director of the Academic Resource Center, Tufts University

Lawrence Tocci: Parochial Vicar, St. John the Evangelist, North Chelmsford, MA

Olivia Turnbull: Senior Lecturer, Drama and Performing Arts, School of Music and Performing Arts, Bath Spa University

Gwen Waltz: Executive Committee of Autism Living and Working, First Lady of Minnesota

Tara Brooke Watkins: Assistant Professor of Theatre at Salve Regina University

Arnold Wengrow: Professor Emeritus of Theatre, UNC Asheville

Tiffany Pounds-Williams: Associate Lecturer, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Karolina Wrobel: Head of Fundraising, Reutlingen University

Timothy Wutrich: Senior Instructor in Classics, Case Western Reserve University

Irina Yakubovskaya: Painter

Michael Zampelli: Associate Professor of Theatre, Fordham University