Children's Theater Summer Programs

Teenager presenting theatrical production

Our programs focus on theater and improvisation, and strive to challenge and enhance each child's creative powers. The programs are based on the idea that every child has much to contribute to the creative process.

Magic Circle Theater Creative Arts

Magic Circle Theater Performances 2022

The Magic Circle Theater is New England’s oldest theater by and for children. This summer two full-length productions will be presented in the air-conditioned Balch Arena Theater. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce children to the theater.

The Balch Arena Theater is located on the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus in the Aidekman Arts Center at 40 Talbot Avenue. Tickets for all performances are $10 and group rates are available. Tickets can be conveniently purchased online.

For information, please call 617-627-3493.

Alice in Wonderland

Adapted from Lewis Carroll by Madge Miller
Directed by Tatyana Emery and Caitlin Morley
July 28 at 2pm & 7pm  •  August 2 at 2pm  •  August 4 at 10:30am

In this endearing version Lewis Carroll's memorable story, Alice is cautioned by the White Rabbit to take good care of the Queen's tarts, which are to be served shortly at the croquet match. While Alice's back is turned, the tarts are stolen. Alice, realizing that the White Rabbit will lose his head if the tarts are not discovered in time, goes in search of the thief. Her quest leads her through a maze of incredible and suspenseful adventures. Come join Alice in this classic fantasy for children of all ages!

Charlotte's Web

Adapted from E.B. White by Joseph Robinette
Directed by Amelia Estrada and Javier Hurtado
August 1 at 2pm  •  August 3 at 10:30am  •  August 4 at 7pm

Charlotte’s Web is E.B. White’s timeless tale of friendship, loyalty, and courage. When Fern Avery saves the runt pig, Wilbur, from the ax, she never dreams that danger courts him at every turn. Keeping the radiant and humble Wilbur from becoming bacon is a full-time job for a self-centered gander, a clever rate, and a heroic spider named Charlotte. Watch as Wilbur wins prizes at the state fair, avoids the smokehouse, and learns an invaluable lesson about friendship. Wilbur is certainly some pig!


Staffing for the Tufts Children's Theater programs is under the direction Dr. Betsy Goldman, Magic Circle Artistic Director of Education, Bridget Kathleen O'Leary, Magic Circle Artistic Director of Production, and Thomas Nickerson, Director of Creative Arts. In addition to a core staff of professional artists and college undergraduate and graduate students, the programs feature guest artists from the Boston arts community.

For more information, please contact Joanne Barnett or call the Balch Arena Theater at 617-627-3493.

Executive Director for Tufts Children's Theater