Dance Ambassadors

Dance Ambassadors Program

Founded 2019, the Tufts Dance Ambassador Program is designed to enhance student engagement with all things Dance at Tufts. Tufts Dance Ambassadors are a voluntary advisory group comprised of undergraduate students. These student ambassadors are a resource for students and are in regular communication with Dance faculty and administration. Ambassadors can be contacted via email with questions, ideas, and concerns having to do with Dance Program classes, extracurricular dance group activities, and outreach for Tufts Dance beyond the Medford Campus. For further information about the Tufts Dance Ambassador Program, contact Dance Program Director, Jaclyn Waguespack.

Lauren Abrahams

Lauren Abrahams (Class of '25)

Hi my name is Lauren Abrahams and I’m a junior double majoring in Biopsychology and Community Health with a minor in Dance! I am from Highland Beach, FL and so proud to represent the Dance Program as a Dance Ambassador. I am director of Harlem Grooves, a dance group dedicated to honoring Black-American dance styles, as well as a member of Spirit of the Creative (a hip hop choreography group). I am so grateful to be a part of both of these teams. I was lucky to find such a strong community in the Dance Program, and can’t imagine Tufts without all the friends I’ve made through dance! I love cooking, reading, spending time with friends and listening to music. I also enjoy furthering my dance experience by taking many of the dance classes Tufts offers! If you have any questions about dance feel free to send me an email!


Bijin Basu

Bijin Basu (Class of '26)

Hey everyone, my name is Bijin (bee-jeen)! I am currently a sophomore at Tufts University, majoring in Cognitive Brain Science (intended) and minoring in Dance. I have been practicing the beautiful dance form of Kathak for over 12 years and am a certified 5th Year dancer under the Prayag Sangeet Samiti Institute based in India. At Tufts, I am a proud member of Tufts Bhangra! Serving as a Dance Ambassador, I am here to offer support to anyone interested in the incredible Dance Program and the creative work that happens in this space. The sense of community I've found here is amazing, and I hope others can experience it too. Feel free to reach out or say hi if you see me around campus; I'd love to get to know you!


Jade Hsu

Jade Hsu (Class of '25)

Hi! My name is Jade and I'm a junior majoring in biopsychology and minoring in dance! I am a part of Spirit of the Creative (SOC) a hip hop choreography dance group on campus. I’ve also taken many dance classes at Tufts. I’ve really appreciated the dance community in my last couple of years at Tufts, from classes, performing in shows, and being part of dance minor senior capstone pieces. I'm so excited for this year and to get more involved. Feel free to reach out with any questions!


Jessica Mann

Jessica Mann (Class of '24)

Hi, I’m Jess! I am a senior from New York City double majoring in Psychology and Dance, and minoring in Cognitive & Brain Sciences. Here at Tufts, I am the head producer of Sarabande Dance Ensemble, a contemporary/jazz dance group, and co-director of Tufts Tap Ensemble. Outside of dance, I am also a tour guide and assist with a music cognition research study for a Tufts professor. The dance community at Tufts means so much to me, and I am always happy to chat about my experience or any questions you might have, so please reach out!


Emma Olshin

Emma Olshin (Class of '24)

Hi! I'm Emma, and I'm from Sharon, MA. I’m a Biopsychology major, and I am minoring in Child Study and Human Development. I am a member of Sarabande Dance Ensemble (a jazz/contemporary group), as well as Spirit of the Creative (a hip-hop choreography group), but I love trying out other styles through the Tufts Dance Program. In my free time, I love reading, thrifting, and sitting in the campus center with my friends. If you have any questions about dance at Tufts or anything else, please reach out!


Stella Pintar

Stella Pintar (Class of '25)

Hi! I'm Stella and I grew up in Houston, Texas. I'm a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Urban Studies. I am a proud member of Sarabande Dance Ensemble, one of Tufts' many amazing dance groups. Besides dancing, I love to picnic on Prez lawn, find new music (I'm currently obsessed with Olivia Dean and Brasstracks), be a plant mom, and explore restaurants in Boston! I'd love to share more about dance opportunities and student life at Tufts, so feel free to email me with any questions!


 Noah Tervalon

Noah Tervalon (Class of '24)

Hey, I'm Noah! I'm a senior from the Bay Area in California majoring in computer science with a minor in dance. On campus, I have done many things including leading a club, working in dining, TAing for the computer science department, and more. I've taken many of the dance classes here, and once I graduate am hoping to move to New York and pursue dance professionally. I've loved every minute spent in the Dance Program and am always happy to chat about my time here. Feel free to reach out with any questions about anything!


Josephine Willman

Josephine Willman (Class of '25)

Hey! My name is Jo and I’m a junior from Austin, Texas. I’m majoring in Film and Media Studies with an Environmental Studies co-major, as well as a Dance minor. At Tufts, I’ve taken numerous dance classes and participated in every Dance Concert since my time here. I’m also part of an off-campus dance group, Harvard Ballet Company. The dance department and community at Tufts has been such an integral part of my experience, and one that I am beyond grateful for—if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to chat!


Connie Yu

Connie Yu (Class of '25)

Hi, I’m Connie! I am a junior majoring in biopsychology and minoring in dance. I have enjoyed taking a wide variety of dance classes and performing in senior capstone projects and am excited to explore more dance opportunities on campus and in Boston! Outside of dance, I serve on Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) and conduct community health and neurobiology research. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!