Clara Ramona

Clara Ramona

Aidekman Arts Complex


  • BFA in Dance, Boston Conservatory, Boston, United States


Clara Ramona, the esteemed Spanish dancer and flamenco artist with a profound respect for tradition and a liberal and accommodating attitude towards modernism, breaths life to both pure and energizing flamenco thus gaining international recognition for her original stage productions.

She pursued her professional ballet training in Boston before eventually joining the Ramón de los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre as a principal dancer and choreographer. It was there where she first showcased her artistic choreographic genius with the widely applauded "Carmina Burana" that had repeated runs in top-notch theatres in the Americas and Europe long after its debut. She established herself in Madrid, the Mecca of flamenco founding her own dance company, Ballet Español de Clara Ramona, through which she has staged productions of critical acclaim the world over for more than 15 years

Beyond the traditional frontiers of flamenco, Clara paved the way for its blossoming in Asia for the last 15 years, conducting workshops repeatedly in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, Australia, which then included several China tours of the legendary "Carmen" with her company of 25 Spanish performers.